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About Us

Western Fabricating Co, Inc. was started in Franklin Park Illinois by the Schreiber / Hlavin Partnership in 1959. The company was a primary metal fabricator of weldments and sheet metal products for various industries in Chicago. The company evolved in the 1970’s beyond an industrial fabricator into both Industrial Fabricating and Architectural Metal Fabrications. Quickly Western Fabricating became the early innovator of concealed fastener systems for Column Covers and Beam Cladding Enclosures.

Who is Western Fabricating LLC today?

We are a company that is not distracted by trends, we make quality fabricated sheet metal products that carry Full Warranties, Limited only by the life of Stainless Steel T304 Alloy and 3M adhesive attachment selections we provide. Our workmanship is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

The point of using Western Fabricating LLC as a source for your Sheet Metal Fabrication needs, is that we care about our workmanship, the quality of service, your customer experience, and a finish product that exceeds your expectations, along with complete customer service. Making sure you know what you ordered, and when it will arrive at your requested delivery location. picture

Here is the introduction of our Company Staff. We are available on purpose and welcome you to contact us anytime

Our Team

Thomas Schreiber CEO and President was indoctrinated into the family business in 1976 as a metal fabricator, being a cutoff pick up person, stacking the sheet metal on pallets after it came off the sheet metal sheer as it was cut. For Tom this was a big job, the biggest job besides newspaper boy he had ever had. It was a big step up, actually putting hands on metal. Graduating from sheetmetal shearman helper to welding Mig Cobramatics, and Tig Stick Welding, Grinding, Paint Priming steel and learning every piece of equipment at Western Fabricating.

Soon after being on the bar sheer, the structral shape saws, and the shipping department, this youngest Schreiber became an office clerk, and then learned Estimating. From there Tom learned the whole inter workings of running a business from the front end office and made a sales career as the Saleman for Western Fabricating, Co., Inc.

Today as the CEO of a company of heritage which is Western Fabricating LLC, Schreiber carries on the name of family tradition

Our Office & Shop Staff

We have dedicated people that run our company. Our Shop is run by our Vice President of Manufacturing Roger Gottfried.  Administrative Vice President Josiah Curran completes our link in office with our customers. You can be sure there are fine and caring people behind our product, and that’s what we are really about. All of which makes fabricating quality products enjoyable and satisfying for us. Our e-commerce and IT team, office personnel and shop producers are the force behind generating quality metal fabrications.

Metal Fabricating & Distribution Facility

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Fabrication Facility is Located in Fort Myers Florida where we have complete control starting with procurement of our materials, storage, fabrication in house, distribution and shipping all under one roof.